Monday, January 5, 2009

Watch This

ABC News and reporter John Quiñones recently created a series of reports that investigate the reactions of people (mainly Americans) to ethical dilemmas presented in staged scenarios filmed by hidden cameras. All the bits I've seen are interesting, and some of them relate to the ideas in Caucasia.

There was a touching segment edited out of this video when the man who spoke up for the Muslim woman said his son was fighting in Iraq and that he was deeply offended by the ignorance and intolerance he had witnessed (and would never buy from the bakery again).

And that guy who gave the worker/actor a thumbs up and then said Quiñones isn't an American? Seriously, wtf?

This video's a bit longer, so if you don't finish watching it remember that there was only one police call about the white boys vandalizing the car. During the same time period police received two calls about suspicious (black) men who were lying down in a car and supposedly looked like they were getting ready to "rob somebody." The "suspicious men" were sleeping.


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